West Chester University has identified a number of single occupancy restrooms on campus. These restrooms were either initially created as single occupancy (original) or converted to single occupancy to provide more private bathroom facilities for the campus community (converted). In the converted restrooms, please make sure to lock the door when entering!

There is one single occupancy SHOWER on campus on the first floor of the Student Recreation Center.

Map of single occupancy restrooms coming soon!

Please be aware that West Chester University has been undergoing construction and renovation, therefore the below information may not be perfectly up-to-date. Updated information will be posted soon.

Administration Buildings

Building Location Description
Sykes Student Union Lower level, behind Ecogrounds (2) Original
13/15 University Avenue 1st Floor (1); 2nd floor (2) Original
Philips Building Ground (2); 2nd floor (2) Original
Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall Behind the stage (1) Original
Ehinger Gym Near room 133 (2) Original
Hollinger Gym Ground floor (2); 1st floor (2) between Hollinger and Ehinger Original
Alumni House 1st floor (2) Original
Student Recreation Center 1st floor (2) by locker rooms Original
Messikomer Hall 1st floor (2); 2rd floor (1) Original
McKelvie Hall 3 throughout the house Original
Filano Hall 1st floor (2); 2nd floor (1); 3rd floor (1) Original
624 South High Street 1st floor (1); 2nd floor (1); 3rd floor (1) Original

Academic Buildings

Building Location Description
Wayne Hall 2nd-9th floors: 6 bathrooms on each floor Original
FHG Library 1st floor (2) 202, 204; 2nd floor (2) 242A, 243 A Converted
Main Hall 1st floor (2) Converted
Recitation Hall 2nd floor (1) 202 B Converted
Ruby Jones Near room 133 (2) Original
Ruby Jones 2-for faculty only Original
Alumni House 1st floor (2) Original
Schmucker South 4th floor (1) by 402 Original
Schmucker Science Link 1st floor by Planetarium Original
Sturzebecker HSC 2nd floor (1)-208 A; 3rd floor (1): 321 Original
114 W. Rosedale ground floor (1); 2nd floor (2) Original
Anderson Hall 3rd floor (1) Original
Reynolds Hall 1st floor (1); 2nd floor (1) Original

Residence Halls

Building Location Description
Killinger Hall Lobby (1); Basement (2) Converted
Goshen Hall Lobby (2) Converted
Schmidt Hall Lobby (2) Converted
Tyson Hall Lobby (2) Converted
University Hall One on each floor Original
South Campus/VIllage 2 in food service area Original