Center for Women & Gender Equity

About Us

Since 1974, we have been serving as advocates for gender equity issues in collaboration with the campus community.


The Center for Women and Gender Equity actively promotes and advocates for a campus community that values the safety, equality, and intellectual advancement of women and other historically marginalized groups.

Our mission is accomplished by:

Facilitating co-curricular initiatives that address a wide range of issues that affect the success and well-being of women.

Offering opportunities to examine the ways in which gender-based oppression intersects with other forms of systemic oppression.

Coordinating campus wide violence prevention initiatives designed to engage all members of the University community.

Engaging allies through programming focused on exploring concepts of masculinities.

Building partners-in-movement through programming that supports and engages with other historically marginalized groups.

Providing referrals and support to campus and community partners on issues that disproportionately impact women.

Advocating for systemic changes that support women and other historically marginalized groups.

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