Our Executive Board

What We Do!

Our goal is to work together to create an inviting environment for our fellow West Chester University peers. We create educational programs, put on worthwhile meetings, and bring in prestigious guests for all that wish to attend our events.


The President of the Economics & Finance Society (E.F.S.) is the main representative of the organization, and acts to ensure all officers within the organization are apprised of what they should be accomplishing at that present time. They organize any executive meetings and head the planning of E.F.S. throughout the academic year.

Vice President

The Vice President of this organization: aids the President in their responsibilities, communicates with the other officers to ensure they have the resources to accomplish their responsibilities, and acts as the main communicator throughout the organization alongside the President.


The Treasurer of this organization holds the responsibilities of the following: attending the annual budget seminar put on by the Student Government Association, ensuring they are up to date with all budgeting guidelines, keeping track of all expenditures made by the organization, and other financial duties.


The Secretary of the Economics & Finance Society (E.F.S.), holds multiple responsibilities. This officer manages the emails that get sent out to our members on a weekly basis, keeps track - through documentation - of what occurred at each meeting and event, and ensures our website is kept up to date.

Recruitment Officer

The Recruitment Officer serves the purpose of finding innovative ways to attract peers to our organization. This officer markets the organization to individual students, showing the benefits of being a part of our organization, and what it means to join our meetings and events.

Investment Consultant

This officer serves a special purpose within the Economics & Finance Society (E.F.S.) by connecting any Economic research and Financial knowledge to the stock market. While not delving too much into the stock market, the Investment Consultant provides much needed context on how Economic and Financial decisions may impact the markets.

Communications Director

Our Communications Director serves as the main manager of all the organization's social media, this includes but is not limited to our: Linkedin and Instagram. The work of this position includes the advertising of our organization on and off-campus, utilizing all the marketing materials and resources at our disposal.


The Economics & Finance Society (E.F.S.) currently has two advisors, which serve as faculty at West Chester University. One of our advisors primarily teaches Economics, while the other primarily teaches Finance. We utilize their expertise to ensure the educational experience within E.F.S. is professional, accurate, and current.

Leadership Consultant (LC)

Most organizations have a Leadership Consultant (LC), they act as a helpful resource and the main bridge of communication between your organization, and the office of Student Leadership and Involvement (SLI). Our organization utilizes its LC to ensure we are apprised of any messages from SLI and their team.


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