Meet Our 2023-24 Executive Board!

We would like to introduce ourselves to you as well as provide you with some contact information should you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Fatima Ishfaq

President -

Senior Year
Major: Cell & Molecular Biology
Fun Fact: I love baking banana bread and carrot cake

Ahmad Mahmood

Vice President -

Junior Year
Major: Cellular & Molecular Biology
Fun Fact: Certified hasanat hustler

Ali Azam

Treasurer -

Senior Year
Major: Chemistry - Biology
Fun Fact: I have no experience with finance and it's my third year in this position

Ayza Syed

Public Relations -

Junior Year
Major: Business Management, ISAP Concentration
Fun Fact: I enjoy playing UNO with my family/friends

Taif Rehman

Secretary -

Junior Year
Major: Business Management
Fun Fact: I unadopted a cat in 3 days!

Sakina Farooq

Event Coordinator -

Junior Year
Major: Accounting & Management
Fun Fact: I tore all three ligaments in my ankle at the same time

Qaynat Saadati

Council of Orgs -

Senior Year
Major: Cell & Molecular Biology
Fun Fact: I like playing volleyball for fun