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Currently enrolled West Chester University students can make a free 15-minute appointment to meet with a lawyer. Students must use their WCU email to sign up for appointments. Students are encouraged to bring documents to the designated appointment related to the legal issue (i.e., lease, citation). Please remember that students are strongly encouraged to use this service BEFORE legal complications arise. The lawyer will provide consultation on a variety of civil and criminal issues - landlord/tenant, leases, citations, etc. This is offered by appointment, and a consultation is expected to last 15 minutes. The consultation does not extend into a courtroom. If further legal aid is needed, the lawyer can suggest professionals for consideration or refer students to the Lawyer Referral Service of the Chester County Bar Association. Please note that the lawyer is prohibited from taking any student cases as this may pose a conflict of interest. Any information, materials, or advice provided by an attorney as part of the "Student Legal Service" shall not be attributable to or in any way reflect the views of West Chester University and/or Student Services, Inc.









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