Graceanne Donahue (Intramurals / Facilities)

Members should vote for me because I am very reliable and dedicated to working at the Rec. I love all my co-workers and want this opportunity to help me not only grow within the Rec but as a person too!

Katelyn Fowler (Fitness)

Members should vote for me for President or Vice President because I am very passionate about movement and motivating others to reach their truest potential. I have been a group exercise instructor at West Chester for two years now and I absolutely love the atmosphere of the campus recreation club. I am a proactive student and do not think I will have trouble managing both school and the president's/vice president's responsibilities. I have a creative and outgoing personality, so planning events and leading meetings for the club is something I would definitely enjoy doing. I want the best for campus recreation, so I have no problem suggesting events/fundraisers to the executive board that would further improve campus recreation..

Jacob Miller (Facilities)

There are many things that I think make a good president but being able to use everyone's strengths and weaknesses within the club is critical. People that can do this are leaders. I would be most suited for this position because I have a track record of being a leader in sport, academics, and always striving to be a bigger part in my Jewish community. To better illustrate, in sports, I have a national title under my belt as a weightlifter in the USAW. Also, I have qualified for the American Open in two weight classes. Furthermore, I've led academically by being on the dean's list every year in both Economics and Finance with a minor in Business GIS.