Jayna DeLucca

I am a facilities supervisor and I will be the facilities team leader for the '21-'22 school year. I was the social media chair for the Campus Rec club for the '20-'21 school year thus I have experience being on this exec board. I am familiar with staff from all departments at Campus Rec thus I will be a good point of contact for members.

Ryan Parry

possess strong attention to detail which I have demonstrated and enhanced in my work experience and can apply to the secretary position in the Campus Rec Club. As a security guard last winter break, I was responsible for completing clear and accurate written reports so that my supervisor, law enforcement, and coworkers could gain the information necessary to take further action regarding an issue or situation. The skills I gleaned from that experience on top of my inherent abilities will easily translate to this new position where I must clearly communicate vital information from monthly meetings or other entities at the university pertaining to campus recreation.