Justin Leonard (Facilities)

Members should vote for me because I am an accounting major and would be well suited to handle the job of a treasurer and during my time as a Rec employee I would like to believe I have become a valued and trusted member of the staff and expanding that territory to all Campus Rec areas would be an absolute pleasure of mine.

Jacob Miller (Facilities)

I have had an extensive background in finance my whole life in different realms, but it is my major to know Economics and Finance. I have my real estate license which led me to learn about financing in commercial real estate. Therefore, it is reasonable to see I have a large interest in anything cash management (budgeting) and that needs help to support proper expenditures etc.

Ryan Parry (Facilities)

In my personal finances, I exhibit discipline in keeping track of my past expenses and budgeting for future expenses. I have been in charge of my own spending since I began to work at age 14 and have come to learn how fast budgets can be drained and the unexpected costs that may occur. Beyond my personal finances, I am brotherhood chairman of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. With my position, I am responsible for coordinating with other leadership positions in my organization as well as general members to estimate cost and acquire what's necessary to plan events.