Circle of Sisterhood

Circle of Sisterhood was founded in 2010 by Ginny Carroll. This is a non-profit organization that works to raise money and awareness for women's education in developing countries. Since it's founding, the foundation has been able to build 30 schools and impact countless amount of lives. West Chester adopted this Philanthropy in 2019 and worked to raise awareness for this cause within our panhellenic community. As a community we have held scrunchie sales, dine and donates, and Venmo boards; all while bringing awareness to the positive effects education has on young women's lives. Women who are educated are less likely to become victims of sex-trafficking, to experience health problems, and more likely to be literate and pass their skills onto future generations. Every dollar we have raised has helped a woman somewhere receive an education she so rightfully deserves. When broken down, the amount of money it takes to send a woman to school is often times less then an article of clothing we don't think twice about buying. A little bit of money can go a long way in the developing world:

┬À        $ 0.24 A notebook and a pencil —an essential part of a girl's schooling.

┬À        $ 3.30 A nutritious noon meal —often the only food children receive during the day that is essential to students' learning, and sometimes have to walk 3 miles in hot weather to and from school.

┬À        $ 7.00 A set of textbooks to call her own.

┬À        $29.00 A school uniform—so a girl can confidently enter school. For some girls, who may have one shirt and shoes that are taped together, a school uniform can significantly boost her confidence and inspire her to achieve.

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