Here you can find our calendar for the Fall 2023 semester! You can find the schedule of all of our upcoming club meetings and special events.

View the calendar here.

Upcoming Events

See a list of some selected club events below! These only reflect a small portion of what is to come this semester!

Past Events

Spring 2023

Anthropology Club Meeting February 1, 2023

"JANE" Documentary Night February 3, 2023

"Monsters, Myths, and Legends" at the Penn Museum February 4, 2023

"The Beach," A Movie Night with the Anthropology Club and Dr. Di Giovine February 15, 2023

"At the Dawn of Art: Inside the Painted Caves of Southwest France," A Lifelong Learning Workshop at the Penn Museum February 18, 2023

"Teotihuacan: The Rome of the Ancient Americas," the Great Lecture Series at the Penn Museum March 1, 2023