General Meeting Information

Dates/Times: Wednesdays at 6:00PM

Location: Anderson Hall Room 211 (725 S Church Street, West Chester, PA, 19383)- HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE!


To accommodate our members who commute or who have off-campus commitments, we are excited to announce that we will be implementing a Zoom option to make meetings more accessible for ALL members. See the Zoom login information below...

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 974 8369 6748

Zoom Password: anthroclub

Zoom Directions:

  1. Sign into your Zoom desktop app using your WCUPA email. If you are using the browser version, please ensure you have also signed into your WCUPA account.
  2. After you are logged in, copy and paste the URL next to "Zoom Link" above.
  3. Next, provide the meeting password if requested by Zoom. This can be found above next to "Zoom Password." If Zoom asks you to also provide the Meeting ID, copy and paste the eleven digit number next to "Meeting ID" above.
  4. After you have provided all required information (the Meeting ID and Password), ensure that you microphone is turned off. You may opt to turn your camera on or off as well. It is important to note that you are NEVER required to use this camera feature if you are not comfortable with doing so.
  5. As soon as the meeting starts, please type your name into the chat box for attendance.

Spring 2024- Meeting Schedule

1/31/24 Club Meeting 1 Semester overview Meeting Slides and Meeting Minutes
2/14/24 Club Meeting 2 Valentine's Day Meeting Meeting Slides and Meeting Minutes
3/6/24 Club Meeting 3 Elections and PowerPoint Night Meeting Minutes
3/27/24 Club Meeting 4 Movie Night with DiGiovine's Cultural Heritage class, "The Destruction of Memory"
4/10/24 Club Meeting 5 Alumni Night Meeting Slides and Meeting Minutes
4/24/24 Club Meeting 6 (Final meeting!!) De-stress Coloring Night

Fall 2023- Meeting Schedule

9/7/23 Club Meeting 1 Introductions; Anthropology Kahoot! Meeting Minutes
9/21/23 Club Meeting 2 Ancient Pottery Night! Meeting Slides & Meeting Minutes
10/5/23 Club Meeting 3 Folklore and Witchcraft Night Meeting Slides & Meeting Minutes
10/8/23 Special Event Anthro Club Ren Faire Trip
10/26/23 Club Meeting 5 Anthro Club Halloween Party and Costume Contest No Meeting Slides/Minutes!
11/9/23 Club Meeting 6 Careers in Anthropology Meeting Slides & Meeting Minutes
11/30/23 Club Meeting 7 (Final meeting!) A Night at the Museum Meeting Slides & Meeting Minutes

Previous Meetings

Spring 2023- Meeting Schedule

2/1/23 Club Meeting 1 Introductions; Ancient Pottery Making; Museum Tour Info Session Meeting Slides & Meeting Minutes
2/15/23 Club Meeting 2 "The Beach" Movie Night and Thai Food Meeting Slides & Meeting Minutes
3/1/23 Club Meeting 3 Teotihuacan: The Rome of the Ancient Americas Meeting Slides & Meeting Minutes
3/22/23 Club Meeting 4 PowerPoint Night Meeting Slides & Meeting Minutes
4/5/23 Club Meeting 5 ASA x Anthropology Club, Food & Culture Series, Halo Halo Meeting Slides & Meeting Minutes
4/19/23 Club Meeting 6 Anthropology Conspiracy Theories Meeting Slides & Meeting Minutes
5/3/23 Club Meeting 7 TBD Meeting Slides & Meeting Minutes

Attendance Policy

As students, we completely understand that Club meetings are not always a priority on your to-do lists, nor should they be. We encourage you to participate when you are able to but to always put your school work first! Further, we actively welcome using our meeting time to complete your course assignments in recognition that some people prefer to work amongst friends or just social company in general.

With this all being said, we do invoke an Attendance Policy for our General Club Meetings. Although this may seem daunting, we want to assure you that it is nothing to be afraid of nor is it something that will pose any immediate threat to your membership. We only track attendance to ensure that people who regularly engage with the Club receive priority access to events with a limited number of spots over those who only interact with the Club occassionally.

This general concept is used to define the two types of members that make up the body of the Anthropology Club: Active Members and Inactive Members. Active Member status is achieved by this regular engagement previously described. But to further elaborate, an Active Member meets these following qualifications:

  • Attends ALL meetings (excluding those that they received an excused absence for)
  • Participates in decision-making matters by means of online polls or in-person votes

The first qualification is the main defining quality of an Active Member. All other qualities opposite to those listed above are used to define Inactive Members.

Now, just to clarify, this does NOT mean Inactive Members cannot participate in Club events or meetings. In fact, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive group of individuals who strive to make engaging with Anthropology more accessible to EVERYONE. So, although we wish all events had an infinite number of spots, some activities, such as museum trips, are funded directly out of our SSI budget which is inherently limited in itself. To make sure the divvying of these spots are distributed fairly, we invoke the priority of Active Members over Inactive Members.

If you are worried that a recurring schedule conflict will prevent you from attending meetings but you still wish to remain an Active Member, please contact the Club President (

Please review the Excused Absence Policy below, which allows you to skip meetings yet still remain an Active Member.

Submit your excused absence here! As long as you submit this as late as 5 minutes before the start time of the meeting, you will still remain an Active Member. If for any reason you could not submit this form in time, just email an officer when it is convenient for you, and it will be taken care of!