Lambda Alpha Nu

National Anthropology Honor Society

Established in 1968, the purpose of Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honor Society is to both acknowledge and reward academic excellence. The name Lambda Alpha is composed of the initial letters of the Greek words Logos Anthropos (╬ø╬┐╬│╬┐¤é ╬æ╬¢╬©¤ü╬┐¤Ç╬┐¤â), meaning the study of humankind.

Lambda Alpha supports scholarship and research by acknowledging and honoring superior achievement in the discipline among students engaged in the study of anthropology. Superior academic performance is recognized through membership in the society. Lambda Alpha rewards academic excellence through the annual awarding of student scholarships, research grants, and student paper prizes.

Valentine's Day Bake Sale

Members Sarah Smith (Secretary), Jessica Miller (Treasurer), Melinda Schuarmen (Vice President), and Chelsey Moore (President), from left to right, raising money for Safe Harbor, an organization based in Chester Country committed to providing emergency housing and food to those in need of assistance.

Halloween Bake Sale

Members Alex Sambrano (left) and Chloe Baumann (right) raising money to provide Lambda's graduating members with graduation stoles.

Membership Information

Why Join Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honor Society?

Joining a college honor society is a way of acknowledging superior academic achievement. Some honor societies recognize overall student achievement based on cumulative GPA. Other honor societies recognize achievement in specific disciplines or majors, such as Lambda Alpha. Membership in an honor society is a way to emphasize your superior academic performance in your professional credentials. Membership in a college honor society is typically noted on your resume or curriculum vita to demonstrate that you achieved academic excellence while completing your college education. Many potential employers and graduate program admission committees understand and appreciate the distinction accorded by membership in honor societies.

While a primary purpose of Lambda Alpha is to emphasize superior academic performance, this distinction should not be obtained at an unreasonable cost. Applying for membership in Lambda Alpha requires one fee–a lifetime membership fee of $25.

General Membership Policy

To become a member in Lambda Alpha, an anthropology major or minor joins an existing chapter in their anthropology department.

Membership requirements consist of a B average or 3.0 GPA in anthropology and no less than a 2.5 cumulative GPA for all coursework. A 3.25 GPA is required for anthropology graduate students. Undergraduate students pursuing a major or minor in anthropology must have completed a minimum of 12 hours of coursework in anthropology to apply for membership.

A complete membership application consists of submitting two items. The two membership application items consist of 1) a printed copy of your application form submitted to your chapter faculty sponsor for membership approval, and 2) a $25 lifetime membership fee submitted to your chapter faculty sponsor.

After submitting the membership application form and check or money order, your chapter faculty sponsor will review your application and academic record to confirm that you meet the requirements for membership in Lambda Alpha. The faculty sponsor signs your application form when it is approved. Upon approval by your chapter faculty sponsor, the signed application form and membership fee payment are then forwarded to the Lambda Alpha National Office by your chapter faculty sponsor. Upon receipt of these items, your application information is then recorded in the chapter records at the Lambda Alpha National Office. You are then sent a Lambda Alpha membership certificate from the national office to confirm your acceptance as a member in the honor society.

Awards and Journal

Lambda Alpha Student Awards

Several undergraduate scholarships will be offered and six graduate student research grants will also be awarded. The number of awards offered is dependent upon available funding and the applicant pool.

Chapter faculty sponsors are encouraged to nominate student applicants for these awards.

Student members: Please note that applicants for the awards are nominated/selected from their chapters by their chapter representatives.

Lambda Alpha National Scholarships

An undergraduate senior student scholarship for $5,000 will be awarded this year. The undergraduate scholarship will be awarded to the top applicant selected by the National Executive Council members. Dependent upon funding and the applicant pool, several additional undergraduate scholarships will also be awarded, typically in lesser amounts than the $5,000 scholarship.

Lambda Alpha Graduate Student Research Grants

6 grants, 3 grant categories, $2,000 per grant, $12,000 total.

3 grant categories: archaeology, bio-anthropology, cultural/linguistic anthropology

Lambda Alpha Journal

The Lambda Alpha Journal is the annual student journal of the Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honor Society. The journal publishes a wide range of articles on archaeological, biological, cultural and linguistic topics. Submission of articles is open to both members and non-members.

WCUPA Chapter

Leadership Team

Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Chancellor

President: Gia Chen

Presidential Advisor: Alex Sambrano

Vice President: Paige Mervine

Treasurer: Chloe Baumann

Secretary: Maddie Mulcahey

What does the WCU Chapter of Lambda Alpha do?

As a service organization, we aim to fundraise for various causes. Every semester, our goal is to raise money for Lambda Alpha graduation regalia items such as Lambda Alpha honor stoles and cloisonne tacks. This semester, we are fundraising for Global Music Partnership, a platform for creative collaboration between performing artists, composers, educators, organizations, and creative individuals across the globe. This February, Global Music Partnership is hosting a Switzerland festival at the Modelhof venue for musicians from the United States, Korea, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Our fundraising mission is to raise money in order to bring students from Ukraine, who are struggling due to the political state of the country.

In addition to fundraising for various causes, we are establishing a lending library of anthropological textbooks and seminal works that students can borrow.

Lastly, we are planning to volunteer at local organizations such as the Chester County Historical Center.

Lambda Website

Visit the Lambda Alpha national website by clicking the link below. This website is the hub for general Lambda information including applications for grants as well as instructions regarding journal submissions.



Follow our Instagram to keep up with the various activities and fundraisers we host throughout the semester!



If you meet the requirements listed under the Member Information section, you may be eligible to become a member of our chapter. You can start by filling out the general application form, which can then be sent to Dr. Chancellor and Gia Chen. Please contact them for more information about the application process.


Contact Us

Gia Chen (she/her)



Alexandria Sambrano (she/her)

Presidential Advisor


Paige Mervine (she/her)

Vice President


Chloe Baumann (she/her)



Madeline Mulcahey



Dr. Rebecca Chancellor (she/her)

Faculty Advisor